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Learn Korean,
Talk in Korean

Most important parts in learning a new language are understanding the meaning and trying to use what you learnt.

Learn Korean vocabularies and grammar with expert curricula, practice your knowledge through real situations with native speakers.

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The Advantages 
Of Learning with Lingory



Lingory is providing 4 different levels.

Check what you can do when completing each level, and choose your goal level.



Get Experience points by completing lessons and daily quests for Level Up.

Lingory's quests will keep you motivated.

Learning tools


It takes time to memorize when you are learning a new language. Try Library!

You can save vocabs/grammars/sentences in the library, and the library saves the quiz that you submitted wrong answers

AI pronunciation correction


(Coming soon)

After learning, talk to native speakers!

You will comprehend words/grammars better, and become more confident with Lingory's AI pronunciation correction.


Set your goal

A clear goal is an important factor in preventing give-up.

Choose your target level after reading explanations of each level, and don't give up until you have reached the goal!


An understanding of vocabulary and grammar is essential for building sentences.

Click on the words to check their meaning!

Sometimes a light bulb button in the upper right also provides grammatical or cultural information that learners often confuse.


What you learnt

Lingory offers learners the opportunity to use what they have learned since we believe that the primary purpose of learning a foreign language is 'use'.

To help you speak Korean more naturally, Lingory provides pronunciation correction through AI-tech.

300,000+ users learning with Lingory



Lex Lockett

I've gone through a lot of Korean learning apps, but this is one I've stuck with the longest. The new update is also great for a quick review. The lessons are short and teaches relevant material that I can use right away. I've been enjoying this so far


This app is the best app for learning Korean by far, especially since the recent updates. The developer is also friendly and prompt at responding to any concerns. I don't usually give reviews but this app really deserves a big thumbs up. Well done.


I'm so in love with this! I'm improving a lot and the lessons are so useful, also the audios aren't the robotic ones that don't make you improve your pronunciation; I'm happy you added vocabulary exercises too. The app just makes you want to learn.


Start learning Korean
with Lingory

그룹 276.png
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